My “Life Highlight Reels” (Year-End Video Project)

I started recording and putting together year-end videos after my Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Taiwan, which ran from August 2014 to June 2015. This project was largely inspired by Cesar Kuriyama’s “1 Second Every Day” project, the subject of a TED talk I watched back in college.

For those unfamiliar with Kuriyama’s work, here’s a quick summary: Kuriyama recorded one second of video every day for a year, which he then compiled into a 365-second clip. The clip went viral, and he’s since continued to record these videos—not because they help him remember his day-to-day life (their original purpose), but because they offer perspective on his life.

Unlike Kuriyama, I envisioned a simple video montage highlighting memorable moments from the year—whatever I had had the thought to capture on my camera at the time, rather than recording a single second per day. (I’ve tried the daily video approach before but found that I did not want to limit myself to choosing a single video per day.)

In the end, I loved the final product; the video felt like a recap and highlight reel of my Fulbright experience, a period of time I so treasured.

But why stop there? As Kuriyama points out, there are so many incredible moments in your life. I loved the idea of capturing slices of them to create a video scrapbook of sorts—one that I could look back on later in life to remember what might otherwise be forgotten.

While the first video spanned both 2014 and 2015, I decided that beginning with 2016, each calendar year deserved its own video. Here they are below, beginning with the most recent.






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