Hi, I’m Joyce!

I’m a curious person with a deep love for learning.

My curiosity has led me to teaching overseas, grant writing for an ed-tech nonprofit, and digital marketing at a venture studio. Most recently, I created growth marketing content for Demand Curve, a Y Combinator company that educates startup founders, entrepreneurs, and marketers about how to grow a business. 

The common thread throughout my career is my deep interest in people and communication—which probably explains why I landed in content marketing.

These days, I provide fractional content marketing services, with a specialty in SEO and email marketing. I especially love working with bootstrapped, mission-driven companies aiming for content-led growth.

If you’re interested in working together, feel free to say hi on LinkedIn

What I do

Companies naturally vary in the kind of marketing support they need. To account for this, the content marketing services I offer fall into three buckets: strategy, operations, and execution. More on each below.

🧠 Content Strategy

For businesses that are struggling to see results from their existing content, I give guidance and direction. That might be in the form of:

  • An SEO content audit
  • SEO keyword research
  • Competitor analyses
  • Customer research
  • Email strategy (Fun fact: I put together the email deliverability course Own the Inbox with Demand Curve and Drew Price, from research to scripting to creating slides.)

⚙️ Content Operations

I help build and manage effective freelance teams to execute your content strategy.

✏️ Content Execution (Writing & Editing)

I excel in doing intensive research to make sense of complex, technical topics and then sharing that information in an understandable way. 

Here are a few pieces that I’m especially proud of:

I also love telling people’s stories. (Some people call that ghostwriting.) Here’s my own story about how I got into content marketing without a marketing background

What I dabble in

Besides content marketing, I enjoy working on a variety of other creative projects, including:

  • Sketch Pad, my newsletter of visual recaps about great content—like podcasts and webinars. I also share my recaps and other learnings on X (Twitter).
  • Taiwan Data Stories, a collaborative project that shares Taiwanese culture through interactive, data-rich content.
  • Making art! I’ve been drawing since childhood and leaned more into painting in high school. Nowadays, I enjoy working with both digital and traditional art.